Electronic Proceedings of ATCM 2005
Editors: Sung-Chi Chu, Wei-Chi Yang & Hee-chan Lew
April 15, 2006
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Development of Proof Abilities through Working Backward with Graphing Calculator
Hee-chan Lew    
abstract in PDF
Dynamic Geometry and its Connections
Jen-chung  Chuan    
Modeling with Graphical Representations
Abraham  Arcavi    
Recent Developments in Computer Algebra Technology and Their Impact on Mathematical Research and Teaching
Douglas B. Meade    
Robust and Soft Constructions: Two Sides of the Use of Dynamic Geometry Environments
Colette  Laborde    
Solving Harder Problems with Lesser Mathematics
Lu  Yang    
Using CAS to Enrich the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Robyn  Pierce    
[Plenary Speeches] [Invited Talks] [Special Session] [Contributed Papers] [Abstracts] [Tutorials] Invited Talks
A Finite Difference Formulation for a Traffic Flow Model
Keng Cheng Ang    
Dynamic Geometry Software Across the Curriculum: Observations from the National Adoption Scenario
Nicholas Jackiw     (presented by Steven Rasmussen)
Java Geometry Expert and its Applications to Geometry Education
Shang-Ching Chou     Xiao-Shan Gao     Zheng Ye    
Mathematics Classroom Innovation with Technology Japanese Movement
Kimiho Chino     Kazuhiro Aoyama     Kakihana Kyoko     Takeshi Miyakawa     Eigo Uehara     Masami ISODA     Kazuo Yamanoi     Yoshihiko Yoden    
Motivating Mathematics Teachers to Use ICT through Training
Douglas Butler    
Technology Designed to Explore Mathematics
Diane Whitfield     Hideshi Fukaya    
[Plenary Speeches] [Invited Talks] [Special Session] [Contributed Papers] [Abstracts] [Tutorials] Special Sessions
Learning and Teaching Mathematics with Technology: A Panel Presentation
Barry Kissane     Jean-Marie Laborde     Douglas Butler     Ichiro Kobayashi     Nicholas Jackiw    
Mathematics and Technology: Past, Present and Future
Sung-Chi Chu     Wei-Chi Yang
[Plenary Speeches] [Invited Talks] [Special Session] [Contributed Papers] [Abstracts] [Tutorials] Contributed Papers
An Application of Elimination Ideal for Defining Equation of Singularity with Indeterminate Exponents
Tadashi  Takahashi    
An Integrated Learning Environment for Developing "Function Sense" (2) - From Velocity to First Steps in Calculus Using Spreadsheets-
Kakihana Kyoko     Chieko Fukuda    
 An Introduction to Creation of Interactive Virtual Models
Miroslaw Majewski
Analysis of Transient Ground Surface Displacements Due to a Point Sink in a Porous Elastic Half-Space
John C.-C. Lu     Feng-Tsai Lin    
Analyzing the Performance of Grade 6 Students in Dynamic Geometry Manipulative Tasks: A Quantitative Approach
Arthur Man Sang Lee     Kwok-chun Tang     Ka-Lok Wong    
Computer implementation of Multiple Fibonacci Nim
Chizhong Zhou    
Connecting Geometry, Algebra and Calculus with The Geometer’s Sketchpad (GSP): Thailand Perspective
Krongthong Khairiree    
Connecting Repeating Decimals to Undergraduate Number Theory Through the Use of Calculators
Brenda Lee    
Design of Virtual Manipulatives for Mathematical Explorations Using FLASH ActionScript
Yuan Yuan   
Designing and Mathematics Learning Through the Use of Graphs
Nam Hee Kim    
Enhancing web-based Instruction/Learning: the use of 'Cognitive, Object-Oriented Teaching Model'
Hsiu-Ju Chang    
Flexible Solving Strategies in Algebra Remain in the Long Term
Hitoshi Nishizawa     Takayoshi Yoshioka    
How to Project Spherical Conics into the Plane
Yoichi Maeda    
MathBlackBoard as User Interface of Computer Algebra Systems
Hiroaki Deguchi    
Motion of Particles Described in a Three-Dimensional Space-Time Frame
Tower Chen    
New Linear Models on RDB
Kechang Yang    
Observing Students' Mathematical Thinking Processes and Collaboration through On-line Windows
Frank Cerreto     Jung Lee    
Prospective Elementary School Teachers? Use of Graphing Calculators to Solve Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
Beverly Ferrucci     Jack Carter    
The Potential and Pitfalls of Using the Video-conferencing Technology to Enhance Student Learning
Boon-Liang Chua    
The Use and Influence of Technology in Mathematics Education
Ma. Louise Antonette De Las Penas     Wei-Chi Yang    
The Use of Graphic Calculators in the Malaysian Secondary Schools: Student’s Perspective and Teacher’s Constraints
Husna Hasan    
Three Visual Angles of Three Dimensional Orthogonal Axes and Their Visualization
Masahiro Mori     Yoichi Maeda    
Using a Graphing Calculator to Explore Pre-University Level Mathematics - Some Examples in an In-service Course
Wee Leng Ng    
Using Chips to Understand the Sum of Progressions
Masahiro Takizawa    
Virtual Lab Sessions for First year Undergraduate Math Courses
Victor Tan    
[Plenary Speeches] [Invited Talks] [Special Session] [Contributed Papers] [Abstracts] [Tutorials] Abstracts
A Contents Review based on the Comparison between the Contents with CAS System and the Contents with General Web Design Tool
Sungwon myung     Youngcook Jun    
A Problem of Wetzel's: Triangle in Rectangle
Lu Yang     Zhenbing Zeng    
A Study on Teaching Graphs using Excel
KyungHwa Lee     EunJeung Ji     YoungHee Park    
A development of online mathematics inquiry learning system using computer algebra system
Junghyun Seo    
A methodology for experimentation in Cabri 2 Plus and Cabri 3D using parabolas as examples
Jean-Jacques Dahan    
After Using Computer Algebra System, Change of Students' Rationale and Writing
In Kyung Kim    
An example on E-learning contents for engineering students to self-study and focus on mathematics
JinYoung Kim     Soon-Geol Kwon     Youngcook Jun    
Case Study on the Learning Process of Gifted Students in the GSP Environment
EunSung Go     KyungHwa Lee    
Categorizing eActivity as an Instructional Technology
Mun Chou Fong    
Connected Circles to Doval
Hirotaka Ebisui    
Differential equations models in upper secondary school by the use of CAS
Mette Andresen    
Effective Techniques in Teaching of Mathematics
Premjit  Singh    
Flexible Solving Strategies in Algebra Remain in the Long Term
Hitoshi Nishizawa     Takayoshi Yoshioka    
Graphic Calculator in Education JCC-CASIO Project
Ateq Al-Ghamedi    
Information Technology On The Examination
Jiyan Wang    
Integrating writing and technology into mathematical learning
Learning Econometric with Graphing Calculator
Wei Ching  Quek    
Mathematical discovery process through modeling activity in spreadsheet environments
Hee-chan Lew     Hong-Chan Son    
Motion of Particles Described in a Three-Dimensional Space-Time Frame
Tower Chen    Z.  Chen
Multimedia Type Calculator Program and Lesson of Character of Natural Number Using It
Kazumi Yamada    
On Double Domination and its Related Parameters in Graphs
Preservice Math Teachers' Thinking in Exploratory Activities Using a Hand-held Calculator
Sang Sook  Choi-Koh    
Professional Development of Pre-service Teachers Using Information and Communication Technologies
JeongSuk Pang     Min-Kyeong Kim    
Research on Statistical Probability Instruction Through Computer Simulation
BoMi Shin     KyungHwa Lee    
Securing a smooth transition from 2D to 3D using dynamic software
Douglas Butler    
Teaching the Epsilon-Delta Definition Using Technology
Debbie Marie Bautista    
Teaching and Learning Middle School Mathematics through Cyber Learning System: The Concept of Centroid
Inchul Jung    
The Data-Streamer: A Breakthrough in Simplicity, Educational Impact and Cost
Robin McLeod    
The Development of Mathematical Web Manual Creator using CAS and Web Connectivity Technology
Hongjoon Park     Youngcook Jun    
The Gender differences in Learning of Geometric Transformation
Sang Sook  Choi-Koh     Ho Kyoung Ko    
The Influence of CAS on Curriculum and Evaluation in School Mathematics
Kyung Yoon Chang    
The Utility of Dynamic Manipulation for Learning Mathematics in the Data-Rich Environment of Fathom Dynamic Data Software
William Finzer    
Using CASIO Class Pad 300 to improve finding-approach in mathematics Classes
Se-ho Han    
Visualizing Algebra Using Dynamic Geometry Software
Steven Rasmussen    
What can a Calculator Company Contribute to Mathematics Education?
Takashi Yoshioka    
Working algebraically and developing algebraic sense as the first priority? Can CAS and interactive geometry help?
Anthony Harradine    
[Plenary Speeches] [Invited Talks] [Special Session] [Contributed Papers] [Abstracts] [Tutorials] Tutorials
3D representation with Cabri Junior
Jean-Jacques Dahan    
AUTOGRAPH 3: inspiring more advanced students (16-19) with dynamic software
Douglas Butler    
AUTOGRAPH 3: inspiring the juniors (11-16) with dynamic software
Douglas Butler    
An Elementary Approach to Teaching Fourier Series
Diane Whitfield     Hideshi FUKAYA    
An Introduction to Using Technology in Education
Diane Whitfield     Hideshi FUKAYA    
Changing Mathematics Education via the Graphics Calculator
Barry Kissane    
Discovering and working with 3D isometries
Eric Bainville    
Exploring and Problem Solving in Mathematics with Hand-held Technology CFX9850
Kyung Yoon Chang    
Introducing calculus with a graphics calculator
Barry Kissane    
Java Workshop
Kazuhiro Fukushima    
Nets of polyhedra with Cabri 3D
Jean-Jacques Dahan    
Spreadsheet in the Graphic Calculator fx-9860G
Yee Ping Soon    
Teaching and Learning Mathematics with an Algebraic Calculator
Wee Leng Ng    
Tessellations on the Poincare Disk - exploring Hyperbolic Geometry with the Geometer's Sketchpad
Nicholas Jackiw    
Using Spreadsheet in CASIO fx-9860G SD to Solve Engineering Modelling Problems
Wei Ching  Quek    
Using Technology to Investigate the Mathematics of Islamic Art
Steven Rasmussen    
Working algebraically and developing algebraic sense - as a priority. Can CAS and interactive geometry help?
Anthony Harradine    
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