Issues in delivery of a partially on-Line Engineering Mathematics Course with BlackBoard.

Wei Ching Quek
Department of Mathematics and Science
Singapore Polytechnic


E-LEARNING has forced educators from pre-schools to graduate school to re-think of the very nature of teaching and learning.


It can free teaching and learning from the restrictions of the classrooms and schedules. Traditional lectures and demonstrations can now become full-fledged multimedia-learning experiences for students.


However, many teaching staff and students in Singapore have some reservations in the effectiveness of this mode of learning. Some teaching staff received bad studentsí feedback and encountered difficulties in motivating students to learn. Students also expressed their frustrations, as this learning process is very different from the traditional face-to-face mode of learning.


In order to capitalise the benefit and minimise its drawback of fully on-line courses, an alternative suggestion is to offer a partially on-line course. This paper will share the authorís experience and insights in the development and delivery of a partially on-line engineering mathematics course with on-line learning/management tools such as BlackBoard from the perspective of students, teachers and administrators.


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