Mathematical Modeling as Instructional Strategy Using Dynamic Geometric Software

Tai-Yih Tso
Department of Mathematics
National Taiwan Normal University
Taiwan. R.O.C


One of the trends of modem mathematics instruction is to integrate technologies into the learning system. How to construct a technology supported mathematics learning environment is an important issue in mathematical education from both of theory and practice. The goal of a learning system with technologies is to encourage learners constructing their own knowledge through exploration and inquiry rather than just train computational performance. The intent of this research is to propose a theoretical and experimental framework for designing and implementing a learning environment using technologies. The purpose of these articles is to elaborate upon mathematics modeling as teaching strategy using dynamic geometric software for designing mathematics learning system. The theoretical background of this model is oriented toward the notion of reflection on acting to develop knowledge in a learning system. Mathematical modeling has usually been applied in the research field, students have seldom experience in this process. A major benefit in learning how to do mathematical modeling for students is to encourage them developing a particular way of reflecting and acting on mathematics through making connection between mathematics and real world. We will discuss some examples to show how the learning activities be used in mathematical modeling instruction.

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