MATLAB - An Indispensable Tool for Advancing the Frontiers of New Technologies

Daniel Lim
ActiveMedia Innovation


The escalating technological innovation in mathematics demands efficient and interactive technical computing tools. To excel in today's competitive global marketplace, developers must meet the design criteria and have their products introduced to market the soonest possible. To meet these objectives, researchers/engineers/mathematicians need a tool that streamlines the design process, and helps them discover new paths to achieve technological breakthroughs. Today, technological innovators worldwide rely on MATLAB to accelerate the pace of discovery and research, reduce development cost, and produce reliable solution. This is because MATLAB is a multidisciplinary, multidimensional, versatile, comprehensive, and easy-to-use environment for performing computations, simulations and graphical representations. With more than 500 mathematical, statistical, and engineering functions, engineers as well as scientists take full advantage of MATLAB environment as a total solution to design, model, analyze, prototype, test and refine design strategies. This intensive workshop highlights the attributes of MATLAB tools featuring in mathematics and technologies. The primary aim of this workshop is to give a hands-on experience to practicing mathematicians, educators, engineers and researchers, thus enhancing their fundamental understanding of MATLAB tools. We offer a learning opportunity you won't want to miss! Apart from providing comprehensive course materials, useful commands on selected topics will be introduced and reinforced through examples and exercises. Topics covered in this workshop include, but are not limited to: Deployment of MATLAB in: Curve Plotting and Fitting Algebra Calculus O.D.E. and P.D.E. Numerical Method Symbolic Math Literature materials will be available for: Statistics Optimization Neural Network Spline Mapping Virtual Reality At the end of this workshop, you will see how MATLAB has been practically applied in various fields of study including Mathematics, Finance & Economics, Signal & Image Processing, Control & Instrumentation, Power Systems, Telecommunication, Aerospace, Automotive, Data Acquisition, Analysis & Visualization, Design Modeling and Prototyping, etc. In short, come and experience the power of MATLAB. Let MATLAB drives your R&D into the next generation. The race is on, and to lose we shall not!

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