New Aspects of Using Graphic Calculator for Learning Calculus

Dr.Ashraf Daneshkhah
Dept. of Mathematics
University of Bu-Ali Sina Hamadan, Iran


There is large body of research and documentary evidence which clearly shows that graphic calculator facilitate mathematics learning at high school level. Over the last decades, many researcher have suggested that graphic calculators similarly affect the undergraduate mathematics learners. In this talk I will present the results of a research project concerned with using graphic calculator in a first year calculus course, where we monitored learners' progress as the course unfolded. The outcome of this research project shed new light on the interaction of factors such as the learners' culture, their expectations of what technology should do for them and the ethos of the course. The project has produced desirable pedagogical outcomes, and, in addition, brought to light new aspects of that interaction which are yet to be fully researched and understood.

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