Technology and Mathematics Education

Shyama Chona
Delhi Public School, R K Puaram, Delhi, India


Technology and Mathematics Education. Padamshree Dr. (Mrs.) Shayama Chona Principal, Delhi Public School R K Puram New Delhi – 110022. INDIA Abstract. This talk focuses on the importance of mathematics education and its impact on human development. The author begins by emphasising the need for making mathematics the common language of scientific expression throughout the world. In the context of school education the challenges faced by mathematics educators in developed as well as under developed nations has been highlighted. The importance of implementing innovative methods for teaching mathematics with emphasis on concept formation rather than ‘by-hand’ skill acquisition has been emphasised. The author elaborates on the role played by technology in expanding the frontiers of knowledge in science and research and further discusses the profound influence of technology in education. She reiterates the importance of technology as a great enabler in learning mathematics and focuses on the ‘learning by discovery’ approach to teaching mathematics. This is followed by a discussion on the general scenario of education (with special focus on mathematics education) in developed as well as developing nations highlighting the challenges faced by both. The author further discusses the impact of technology on the mathematics curriculum and focuses on pedagogical issues related to the integration of technology in the classroom. The need for large-scale teacher training has also been emphasised. The author concludes the discussion by relating her own experiences as an educator (principal of one of the most renowned educational institutions in her country) in integrating technology with education.

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