Using Casio FX9850 to Draw Real-Life Applications of Graphs of Functions

Brenda Lee

Wu Feng Inst. of Technology



Modern hand-held technology has greatly aided the teaching and learning and doing of mathematics, especially when teaching the concept of function, with its ability to generate examples of graphs of functions. A motivational problem remains, however; students often do not see the necessity for learning how to graph functions, although with the help of hand-held technology we can identify the relationships between a function and the derivative of this function as well as determine the principal characteristics of this function. Many students still need convincing with real-life applications of graphing.

In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to use the graphs of functions to draw representations of real life situations. We will show how to have some fun with the graphs of functions by using them to draw some cartoons. We also demonstrate a couple of programs for drawing fractal diagrams, a fascinating area of modern mathematics.

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