Introduction to Teaching with Derive 5

Bernhard Kutzler

Hasnerstrasse 9/10

Vlasta Kokol-Voljc
Pedagoska Fakulteta
Univerza v Mariboru
Koroska c.160


Derive is a mathematical computer program. It is for algebra, equations, trigonometry, vectors, matrices, and calculus what the scientific calculator is for numbers. Derive can do both symbolic and numeric computations. These can also be visualized with extensive 2D and 3D graphics capabilities. Derive gives you the freedom to explore different approaches to problems approaches that you probably would not even consider if you had to do the calculations by hand. This workshop is for learning how to use the new Derive Version 5 and is for both beginners and advanced users. You will learn to handle Derive as much as is necessary to use the program for teaching and learning mathematics. You will be led through several mathematical topics, which demonstrate the major features and techniques of Derive in the areas of algebra, 2D, and 3D plotting. Many of the examples also provide ideas for using Derive during teaching.

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