The Role of Technology in Mathematics Education for Human Enterprise

Masami ISODA
Institute of Education
University of Tsuskuba



This lecture focuses on traditional or lost technology, used in the historyof mathematics, as well as new technology. It discusses the roles of usingtechnology in teaching mathematics history to experience hermeneutic effortin mathematics history. The epistemological necessity of using technologyis discussed from the socio-historical-cultural perspectives as well asthe perspective from hermeneutics in history. For illustrating these perspectives,this lecture gives a number of examples that show how use of both typesof technology for teaching history of mathematics changes students' beliefsabout mathematics as human enterprise. To illustrate their change, historicaltexts, problems, mechanics such as LEGO and DGS (Dynamic Geometry Software)were used. One of subject matters that students experienced is well knownas "arbelos" or shoemaker's knife in western culture and "enri"or Japanese circle principle in Japanese culture.

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