Integrated Statistical Education System with Interactive Components on the Internet

Naoko Sakurai
Environmental Information
Tokyo University of Information Science

Tatsuki Inoue
Asia Pacific Studies
Waseda University
Nishiwaseda 1-21-1, Shinjuku-ku


Although the networking condition of Japanese around universities, business office and individual home is a little bit behind some Asian countries, surprising environment for very rapid extension of broad-banded computer network has been growing to keep great potential to lots of fields especially in education. In Japanese society the needs for ability of statistical data analysis has also been increasing the needs for statistics education almost every learning scene. Under those social condition, some faculty group of Japanese universities has built up the interactive web site where university students who have various majoring for social science will often visit to learn statistics and statistical data analysis.

Our cooperative project has three main components such as ITLS (Interactive Texts for Learning Statistics), EBSA (Electric Book reading system for Statistical Analysis) and DLLSA (Dynamic Link Libraries for Statistical Analysis). ITLS will have brought students the chance of learning statistical theory and getting statistical results interactively on the web site. Contents are posted by each member to central web server managed by some member. By looking practical data operation every people can get more real sense of data analysis than before. We have a plan for multi-language version of ITLS according to international cooperation. EBSA is an online reading of valued books for statistics and statistical analysis which are already out of print including smart searching system. DLLSA help students to analyze data with computer by downloading those program libraries directly from our home page This paper presents the sincere outline of our interactive project about statistics education on the Internet introducing both those concrete contents and following data analysis after. Our near future plan has multi view points. One is the analysis of questionnaire data from user, one is international cooperative project for Java Applets database, another one is CD distribution including contents of our project with not expensive price against students and business people for their learning tool. Statistics will become a handsome partner of our life.

Keywords : interactive statistics education, domestic cooperative project, Internet web components, International cooperation

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