Teaching and learning with Cabri Geometry 2

David Greenwood


Dynamic geometry software is a most effective tool in the teaching and learning of mathematics. With limited understanding, students can easily build geometric constructions and explore mathematical relationships. Teachers can build their own constructions or applets to demonstrate mathematical concepts in the classroom, or provide students with pre-constructed applets that they can explore. Cabri Geometry 2 has numerous applications in the topic of Geometry (Polygons, Parallel lines, Triangles, Circle theorems, Enlargement, etc.) especially in junior and middle school mathematics. Cabri 2 can also be used to explore and demonstrate concepts in more senior levels of mathematics including Trigonometry, Calculus, Linear relations, Statistics, Quadratics, Measurement and other topics. This workshop will provide instruction, including notes, of a number of Cabri constructions for the use of student exploration and for teacher demonstration. Some examples displaying the potential of applet construction will also be demonstrated.

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