Development of Mathematics Education System by using Computer Algebra

Tadashi Takahashi
Dept. of Math. and Info.
Kobe University
Tsurukabuto, Nada-ku


In the field of experiment or data analysis, we need both a good data storage tool and an educational system. A combination of databases and computer algebra system will be an ideal solution for such situation. In order to satisfy this need, we built a multimedia test system by using computer algebra system, 'multimedia test system' which connects Postgre-SQL with computer algebra system. 'multimedia test system' makes us store MathML data into PostgreSQL and retrieve it to computer algebra system. As the result of this environment, we found the data files in saving for several level of learning, database can integreate the data and makes the process of data analysis smooth. And we can easily maintain both the experimental data and its related information together. This is very useful educational system in Mathematics education.

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