Mathematics Teachers Perception On the Use of Graphing Calculator (TI-83): Southeast Asian Perspective

Krongthong Khairiree
Mathematics Division



The purpose of this paper is to summary mathematics teachers’ perception on the use of graphing calculator (TI-83) in mathematics education in Southeast Asian Countries. The graphing calculator is a relatively new form of technology, one which was specifically developed as an aid in teaching and learning mathematics. SEAMEO RECSAM (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization, Regional Centre For Science And Mathematics) is in line with its commitment in helping educators through the use of innovative technologies in teaching and learning in science and mathematics in the Southeast Asian Region. From 1998 until present, experimental research and action research carried out through SEAMEO RECSAM has shown that if it is appropriately employed, graphing calculator can be used as a teaching tool in enhancing students to learn mathematics effectively.

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