The Effect of the Use of Technology to Explore Functions (3): The Development of Function Sense with Technology

Chieko Fukuda

Hakuoh University


Kyoko Kakihana

Tokyo Kasei Gakuin Tsukuba Junior College


Katsuhiko Shimizu

National Institute of Educational Research



In this study, the ability to foster function sense was categorized by referring to number sense (NTCM 2000), symbol sense (Fey 1990), and graph sense (S. Freil 2001). Activities of integrated learning of functions (Kakihana, et al., 2000, Fukuda, et al., 2000) were categorized at the aspect of fostering function sense.


  1. Identification of the function sense and the ability to develop these function senses.
  2. Categorization of activities in practices of integrated learning of functions by these abilities.


  1. Itemization of teaching materials for function in the curriculum
  2. Investigation of the abilities to be developed in learning of functions and categorize these abilities referring to number sense, symbolic sense and graph sense.

    Results and Conclusion

    Definition of function sense and ability and actions to foster student's function sense were categorized in Table 1. Studens who have a rich function sense seem to have not only a lot of knowledge, but are able to use it in suitable situations.

    Table 1 will be provided here later [Ed.]

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