Integrating Computer into Mathematics Lessons at Primary Level

Ho-Kheong Fong
National Institute of Edu.
Nanyang Technological University



The workshop is to be conducted for a group of about 20-30 participants who wish to know how to make use of commercial made software in mathematics lessons at primary level. There were problems to teachers who found that many commercial software are not suitable for their mathematics lessons because they were not written to their specific needs. Probably these teachers were too critical and have not evaluated the software thoroughly in order to find out the extent to which the software may be used in their lessons. This workshop will address to teachers the pedagogy of teaching primary mathematics and help them see the link between the use commercial made software with reference to the pedagogy of teaching mathematics such as teaching concept, strategies, drill and practice, assessment and management of pupils' progress. Examples will be shown to participants how this objective can be achieved and participants will also be given opportunity to evaluate some commercially made software and their possibility of using them in their teaching.

Target Group: Primary Mathematics Teachers No. of Participants: 20-30

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