Getting the Internet Ready for Mathematics

Benton Leong
Waterloo Maple Inc.


Until recently, the Internet has been dominated primarily by textually based information. The quick defacto standardization of universal graphics formats, such as GIF, has transformed the Web almost overnight, enriching the information that we can see and use. The current lack of a widely used standard for embedding mathematics and transmitting mathematical objects hinders better use of the Internet for technical communications, collaboration and teaching. Recent attempts have been made by the W3C community and by the OpenMath consortium to build a language for mathematics suitable for communications on the Web and between products that display, compute, and otherwise use mathematics. Examples of current progress in Web components for mathematics and embedded math engines developed by Waterloo Maple Inc. and others will be demonstrated. These new technologies will simplify the way in which mathematicians and technical professionals can generate, explore and share new information. Web resources, such as Waterloo Maple's CyberMath site, can also dramatically change the way in which teachers create and share educational materials across the world.

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